Looking for a new job, but not getting any response?

Frustrated when friends and colleagues get contacted by a recruiter - but you don't?

Applying to job after job, with no response?

The reason may well be that your LinkedIn page is stopping them in their tracks.

Or even worse ... recruiters DON'T EVEN SEE your LinkedIn page because you have less than 501 connections!

Your LinkedIn page can be the difference between job search success and frustration.

Why is LinkedIn Important?

LinkedIn is your one must-have online presence - the only social media page that 94%+ of all recruiters and hiring managers will review before even considering you as a job candidate.

It must be powerful, compelling, and complete.

And it's much more than just your online resume.
There are more than 20 different tools that are critical to your career success that you can quickly and easily deploy to add impact to your LinkedIn page.

 You probably don't even know they exist - most people don't. 

Check out your LinkedIn page now to see  if you need the valuable help found inside this program.

Is Your LinkedIn Page Optimized?

  • Custom URL: Have you personalized the URL to eliminate the numbers that LinkedIn automatically assigns to each profile?
  • Branding Consistency: Is your name on your LinkedIn profile identical to the name on your resume, and on your email account, to create a unified brand presence?
  • Photo: Do you have a professional head shot - sized to fit the space perfectly?
  • ​​Cover: Do you have a cover image that is catchy, memorable, and says something about you, your job, your achievements, or your industry?
  • ​​Headline: Do you have a great custom profile headline that contains the key words recruiters will search for - in the allocated number of characters?
  • ​​About Section: Do you have a dynamic, employer-focused message telling a potential employer what you can do for him? And are you using the whole big space allocated to introducing yourself to make sure all the search keywords show up in your profile?
  • ​Multimedia Attachments: Are you taking advantage of the ability to attach up to 6 pieces of multimedia content in multiple sections in your profile?
  • ​Connections: Do you have at least 501 connections, which is the minimum number needed to be effectively seen by recruiters? Do you know how to get them fast and easily?
  • ​​Recommendations: Do you have at least 15 recommendations on your profile? Do you know how to quickly and easily get more?
  • ​​Endorsements: Do you have an endorsements section set up on your page? And do you have the optimal 99+ for the key skills in your industry?
  • ​​And So Many More: There are many ways to optimize your LinkedIn page to help you stand heads and shoulder above other professionals in your field. There are more than 20 ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile - and you need to have them all working in your favor so YOU are the one found by recruiters on a key word search for the right candidate - YOU!.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you need to stop right now and fix your LinkedIn page.  And it's faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Learn How To MASTER LinkedIn®
A Step-by-Step Guide To Create Your

Powerful LinkedIn Presence

To Establish Your Personal Brand!

I Can Help !

I'm Diane Huth, career coach, brand marketer, public speaker, and university professor of marketing and career development.  

I'm known as the Accidental Career Coach, because I wrote my Amazon best-selling career guide, BRAND YOU! To Land Your Dream Job, when I discovered my college students didn't have a clue on how to find and land a job when they graduated with a degree in a few months.
Over the past 6 years, I have helped hundreds of professionals land great jobs by writing powerful and persuasive resumes for them, and then coaching them on how to optimize their LinkedIn pages.

I charge $495.00 to write a resume and coach my clients on how to optimize their LinkedIn page.  In fact, I insist that my resume clients also hire me to prepare their matching LinkedIn page, so the two match each other, or I won't take the assignment.  

I've actually seen ATS systems that automatically pull up your LinkedIn page next to your resume so the recruiter can compare the two documents side-by-side.  They often find cheaters this way, when a resume and LinkedIn page have different dates, jobs, roles or titles.  So it is critical that you create or update your LinkedIn profile to match your resume now.  

That's why I've created this simple but comprehensive online course, to walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up your page, and then optimizing it to serve as a powerful tool to showcase you and your many skills to recruiters searching for professionals like you.

Get Started Today!
Here's What You're Going To Get..
  • Video 1 -LinkedIn By The Numbers - Understand The Importance of the # 1 Online Job Site
  • ​Video 2 - The Importance of LinkedIn on Your Job Search 
  • ​Video 3 - Understand Who Uses LinkedIn - And WHY
  • ​Video 4 -  Create Your Free Profile - Build Connections
  • Video 5 - Build Even More Connections - Give and Get Endorsements and Recommendations - Create Topical Posts and Evergreen Articles
  • Video 6 - Find Jobs Using LinkedIn - Use Instant Messaging to Connect - Build and Nurture Personal Relationships Using LinkedIn
  • Video 7 - Join Groups - Take Advantage of Hundreds of Free Informational Videos - Use SlideShare to Share  Visual Content and Presentations - Add Multimedia Content to Your Profile - Benchmark Your Salary Against Market Trends - Learn How to Engage with People on LinkedIn
  • ​Video 8 - How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile - Tips and Techniques With the Stats to Understand Why 
  • Brand You To Master LinkedIn EBook                                     
    This 26-page book is delivered by PDF and shows you the steps to build and optimize your page - with more than 50 screenshots to serve as your visual guide. You could buy it on Amazon, but it's free inside this course
  • ​​LinkedIn Formatting Guide                                                     
    Learn how to format each section of your LinkedIn page  - image sizes. fonts, number of characters permitted in each section, and much more.
  • Master LinkedIn Cheat Sheet
    This 6-page document reminds you of each of the 20+ different ways to maximize your LinkedIn page for maximum impact and visibility to searches by recruiters.

Get Started Today!

Here's What You're Going To Get..

  •  Master LinkedIn Instruction Video
     It's a detailed 23- Minute Video That Walks You Step-by-Step through setting up and optimizing your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Brand You To Master Linked Ebook
       The 26- page book is delivered by PDF and shows you the steps to build and optimize your page - with more than 50 screenshots to serve as your visual guide. You could buy it Amazon, but it's free inside this course
  • LinkedIn Formatting Guide
         Learn how to format each section of your LinkedIn page - image sizes, fonts. number of characters permitted in each section, and much more.
  • ​Master Linked
Check out this easy-to-use program that will serve as a companion to your resume course, or as stand-alone training to optimize your current LinkedIn profile.

I will send all the elements to you in an email when you choose to buy this course, for immediate access.

And if you chose to buy my Above The Fold Resume Course, the content will also appear in the same password-protected area, where you can access it using the same login and password as your Above the Fold Resume Course. You'll be able to always retrieve this valuable content on demand.  

LinkedIn Should Be Your #1 Job Search Platform!
Check out the numbers behind LinkedIn...


94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates

575 Million

There are more than 575 Million profiles on LinkedIn - and 150 Million of them are from the United States

20 Million

There are 20 Million active job listings on LinkedIn at any give time or day

122 Million

122 Million people receive an interview through LinkedIn each year


51% of Americans with a college degree have an active LinkedIn profile

30 Million

30 Million companies have profiles on LinkedIn

My Coaching Services Are Recognized As Among The Best Anywhere!

I'm an industry-acclaimed expert, called upon almost daily to provide valuable insight and guidance to job seekers around the nation on numerous news programs, talk shows, radio interviews, podcasts, and in newspaper stories. 

I carry the message of personal branding to audiences around the country, and help people understand the importance of the hiring funnel, career success strategies, how to build an Above The Fold Resume, and so much more.  

You will be benefiting from my personalized one-on-one guidance and mentoring, while taking advantage of all the valuable content I share daily in the media world. 



Henri Meistre - CEO And President, Brand Builder - Auto Capital Investment LLC USA
Diane has been a pleasure to work with. Clearly, she has been doing this for a long time and has incredible depth of experience and knowledge. Her advice and guidance has been professional, yet sincere and warm. Nothing is too much for her and she sticks to her promises in terms of timing and deliverables. I strongly recommend her services. Thank you Diane.  

Lyndie O’Toole, MBA - Enterprise Sales Growth Leader & Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions 
Diane brings her vast world-class expertise in branding and marketing to her students and clients embarking on job search, whether as a recent college graduate or an experienced worker re-inventing their career. Her practical advice and professional encouragement help instill confidence and shortens the process to "branding yourself into your dream job.
Daryl Palmieri, Interim Executive County Superintendent
I was able to hear Diane speak on the radio and she immediately sounded like someone who could help me find the job I was looking for. She not only helped revamp my resume but also provided me with great insight and guidance on how to best market myself. I’m happy to say that I just accepted a new job that I am thrilled about. Thanks, Diane for instilling confidence in me!
Victoria Lopez-Negrete – Partner Allen Austin – Venture Partner at MissionOG
I have known Diane for many, many years, she is a unique professional, with a rare combination of expertise, insight and work ethic that enables her to approach complex challenges and turn them into business opportunities. She can work on multilayered and multifaceted projects and bring them to successful fruition. Diane’s upbeat demeanor, can-do attitude and her strong human relations skills enable her to interface very effectively with many different constituencies; she is a caring person with a strong helping orientation

John Reilly – Business Development Executive
Diane was everything I was seeking in a resume writer, coach, and expert on branding yourself. She offered a great deal of time to my project as well as other career experts I could speak to while updating my profile. I really enjoyed our conversations and her insight into crafting a document that represents who you are as a professional. I highly recommend Diane and very happy I was able to work with such a skilled writer and technical expert in her field.
Victor Arnold – Marketing Research, Customer Experience, Insights and Analytics
Diane is an outstanding career coach and resume developer. Her passion and can-do demeanor is highly motivating and she isn't afraid to provide a nudge, in a supportive way, when necessary. Her counseling has helped me land several projects for my consultancy, and I can't wait to see what happens when she gives me a complete "Brand-You!" makeover.

LinkedIn is critical in your job search success.
Don't leave your future to chance.
Learn how to professionally craft a persuasive and engaging LinkedIn page that will get recruiters calling YOU!

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